SOAR… The Journey Begins

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As 2018 comes to a close  and I transition into the new year, my attention shifts to the new year and what I wanted out of it. I’ve always started the year with a new Word of the Year and then proceed to spend the next 365 days living that word to the fullest.  The word chooses me.  It shows up in several areas of my life and presents itself in the most uncommon places. I did a lot of traveling in 2018 and everywhere I went, I found wings. The word SOAR popped into my head several times throughout the year  but I discounted it because… well it didn’t seem like the right fit. I didn’t identify with a flying animal, as a matter of fact, my nickname is Lioness so could it be ROAR then? Or maybe RISE?  I knew though, that the answer would come to me eventually. IMG_8775

I started officially using a Word of the Year in 2015, the word was JOY. I started a monthly blog post – The Joy Journey and proceeded to live my word to the fullest.  2016 brought me ABUNDANCE, where I planned and executed my first sisterhood retreat – The Sunshine Abundance Retreat and in 2017 GROW was launched – out of that came two initiatives – GROW BUSINESS SOLUTIONS and G.R.O.W. – Global Rising of Women. 2018 stopped me in my tracks brought me to a halt with the realization that self care was at the very bottom of my list, a series of events and life changing realizations resulted in   2018 being the year to FLOW.  A year spent “going with the flow”. To a control freak, perfectionist, OCD person that felt like crawling out of my skin.

As I contemplated the next chapter of my life, and the new word, even though SOAR was in the back of my head, it didn’t seem practical. I was considering the word STRENGTH as I realized that strength was what I needed to get me through the next phase. STRENGTH: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Financially, Intellectually, Spiritually…

My FLOW year kept me grounded in taking one day at a time and doing whatever comes without trying to control the outcomes, I forced myself to resist the urge to do more, say yes more, serve more, work more but it did not elevate me in any of the  areas I wanted to grow in and 2019 I needed to get back into BEASTMODE. As I contemplated STRENGTH, I realized that I am my worst enemy when it comes to my goals and overcoming fears. It dawned on me that I self sabotage, would get within reach of goals I set for myself i.e. six pounds away from a weight goal before I start gaining  or  a small shortfall in my saving goals before I start spending needlessly and that I needed to resist the urge to do this.  So, was what I really needed RESISTANCE then?  Resistance  to the things that kept me from reaching my goals? Or the strength to resist the things that was keeping me from goals?

On my morning meditation walk one morning as I watched the birds high above me SOARING in the air, I thought about the strength I needed to get over all my resistance to the things that will make me better and then it came to me… S.O.A.R. Strength Over All Resistance.

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I open up and share with you my faults, my weaknesses, my triumphs and wins as I work to get to my goals… Let’s SOAR!



Strength Over All Resistance…. S.O.A.R


1 thought on “SOAR… The Journey Begins”

  1. Stacy, It’s been a pleasure being in your orbit, and I’m glad that you’ve discovered a empowering Acronym that will usher and thrust you into your Divine Purpose and Destiny.


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