SALT has become a thing… ever since I had a conversation about Rupi Kaur’s books Milk and Honey and The Sun and its Flowers with a therapist one day last year and she mentioned Salt. by Nayyirah Waheed, I’ve been searching bookstores all over the country for the book.  From The Hidden Lantern, tucked away in quiet exclusive Rosemary Beach in the Panhandle of Florida to the Book Loft to Ohio to Tennessee and Atlanta scouring through their poetry books looking for Salt.  In a conversation with a friend while standing in a book store I offhandedly mentioned that I was searching for this book and in about a week the book Salt was a gift.  “Can we speak in flowers, it would be easier for me to understand – other language” excerpt from Salt. SIDENOTE: I can fall in love with a person over a gift of a book! I love to read. I love bookstores. I love magazines. I love newspapers.

Driving to a meeting in Naples FL one day, I saw a sign… The Salt Cave, intrigued, I checked out their Facebook page and The Salt Cave it turns out is a room (cave) made up of salt. “the floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the salt cave are covered with food grade fine crystal salt. Tons of large salt rocks surround the visitors, placed along the walls and also found in wooden crates. To ensure the purest quality we use Himalayan pink crystal salt” (taken from the salt cave website) I went it to visit and found out about Halotherapy. Halotherapy, derived from the Greek alas, meaning “salt”, is a form of alternative medicine which makes use of salt.  While scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a sponsored post about a special the salt cave was having that day only so I decided to go try it.


To go inside the salt cave you release all your possessions, shoes off, no pocketbooks, cellphone or money allowed in. Being quiet is also required. The owner explains that the ceiling, walls and what felt like sand on the floor, were all salt. Then the room is closed and the salt generator is turned on and produces dry salt aerosol in a nonstop regime which guarantees maximum healing intensity and effectiveness.

I reclined my chair back, closed by eyes (you can feel a slight sensation of salt in your eyes) and concentrated on the music. I started to meditate and visualize what I wanted for 2019, as I did my inner vision was filled with eyes, eyes of lions, tigers, eagles (not sure what this means) and in my mind,  I was going over the past few years  and what I wanted the future to look like.  My self talk mirrored a conversation I was having with my friend Cliffonny the night before when I mentioned that I am ready to move forward, to find the anchor that keeps me grounded in fear and self sabotage and stops me from getting to the next level. We talked about saying Yes all the time, and giving and being taken advantage of and not feeling valued and all the things that we create in our head about our story of life. I mentioned that I had spent most of 2018 realigning myself with what I wanted in life and that I felt like I was on the cusp of something new, exciting and different,  and she said… “well maybe Stacy it’s your time to receive”.  I sat there thinking… Yes Stacy it’s your time to receive. Givers have a hard time receiving so this is going to be resistance. I have to find the Strength Over All Resistance (SOAR) including my ability to receive. I am going to make a conscious effort to accept the gifts that life presents to me graciously and with love and gratitude. I am fully expecting an abundance of it.  And then it hit me… just as the music stopped and the lights came back on to indicate the salt cave therapy session was over.  This is my time to receive. This is my Season Of Abundant Receiving. S.O.A.R.


I appreciate you joining me on this journey of my thoughts, experiences, lessons, gifts…. life. Much Love!


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  1. Continue to be consistent on your journey, enjoy the present moment and interpret the messages the universe gives you daily. Namaste


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