Serendipity & Soursop



Serendipity: noun
the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Stopped by a friends house to drop off some food the other day as I was at the local Caribbean restaurant ordering some for me and Leo. When I got there, there was a note on the door asking the delivery man to leave package at door if no ones home. “Expecting a package?” I asked. “Oh I ordered some cans of soursop that was suppose to already be delivered but hasn’t arrived yet”.

“I want soursop!” I declared. “Ok I’ll bring you some later this week when it comes”. I left but a short while later realized I’d left the wrong dinner. Leo’s dinner. So I turned around to do a quick exchange and guess what? Soursop was delivered in that short time!  I got soursop!

Words are powerful! The Universe speaks to me, hears me and complies to my demands (I think I ask nicely tho).

“I want the actual fruit as well” was the conversation the next day as a discussion back and forth on the health benefits of soursop was happening . “They use to have it on Pine Island not sure if they still do” said another friend. She’s right but when I’d called a while back they were only selling the plants. Oh well, soursop in a can will have to do for now and I am grateful to have been gifted it.


On my way to work in Naples later that day, with all the construction having on my route to the Interstate, I decided to take the long way and go the opposite way through Immokalee. It was a beautiful day, the weather was great, Windows down, cool breeze, I’m feeling so blessed.

Then I had a thought… Immokalee is a farm town, I wonder if I can find soursop! The actual fruit! A quick FB marketplace check and SUCCESS!!! There was an actual place Dream Farms selling soursop! A quick detour and $120 later, I had soursop!

dream farms


At $12 a pound, I am still always shocked that fruits that fall off the trees and rot in the Caribbean because of the abundance of it, like soursop and mangoes, cost so much. I also knew that I had to buy enough for the rest of the family.

I am not a farmer. I’m barely learning to take care of myself much less delicate plants, however at $12 a pound I am definitely saving some seeds to plant a few trees.

I’m putting the universe on notice that I want bountiful soursop from my efforts.

As I smile at Serendipity….


1 thought on “Serendipity & Soursop”

  1. The super moon’s energy is making a lot of things manifest a lot faster for advanced souls. It’s such a blessing to be in tuned with the omniverse and nature.


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