Universoul – I am home wherever I am

I have a Universal Soul. I am Universoul.


I want to go to India, and China, and Africa and Ireland! Land of my ancestors! I was born in Guyana, the only English speaking country in South America (Latin America). As a result of that, Guyana is typically considered “Caribbean”. My mother is of East Indian descent (Ranchurejee) and my father is Irish (D’Arcy) Chinese (Lee) and Black/African (Sadly, I have no African last name. I think for most people of African descent we’ve lost our last name) Not lost…. stolen.

Let’s take a moment here to honor all the ancestors who lost their lives, identity and dignity but pressed on to make us being here possible.

What that makes me is Guyanese, South American, Caribbean. Indian, Chinese. Irish, Black… I could go on and on with the cultures and races but basically, I am a child of this Earth. Far and near. In some ways all of these places feel like “home”. I long to connect. Belong.

My friend Kadine asked me the other day: Where do I find home? And I replied: “As an Earth sign, home for me is nature… it’s walking barefoot in the grass and watching the trees sway in the breeze… it’s observing cloud patterns, the brilliant colors of sunrises and sunsets, birds singing and sunlight on flowers.” All of this is true. Mother Earth is a beautiful vast place. I have wanderlust. I long to travel roads I’ve never been on and see people I’ve never met.

Home: noun

The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household

I suppose in the real context of the word. Home is The Sunshine House. The Sunshine House is my sanctuary. It’s the place I currently and for the past decade or so,  called home. It’s a personalized outer version of what my soul looks like.” The Sunshine House – Where Joy Resides”, me being joy of course is has been a haven and home for many of friends and family. What The Sunshine House really is though is “home base”.

Home base:  noun.

A place from which operations and activities are carried out; headquarters.

Yes, The Sunshine House is definitey homebase and no matter where in the world I travel to, its always joyful to come home to The Sunshine House. I love it but I know without a shadow of a doubt, if I lost it all tomorrow, I can find home wherever I ended up.

sunshine house

I know it sounds cliché but:

I am home wherever I am.

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