Just a regular day in the life….

cleanup bear


So Saturday morning I woke up feeling lazy. It was my day to clean since I didn’t do it Friday (yes I have a designated clean day) but the hubby was home and on a very rare occasion, so was the son, who wanted to chill and talk so I decided… to heck with the cleaning… “what y’all want for breakfast?”

Since we had some left over roti in the fridge I proceeded to toast it (you’ve never had day old toasted roti with butter for breakfast? You haven’t lived!) and made coffee. We lingered… we chatted… I decided that today was going to be my “rest” and “cheat” day (not from meat, just sugar and processed carbs) and I’ll just make it up tomorrow by doubling up on my squats (did I tell y’all about the 100 squats a day May challenger yet?)

About an hour later, Lying around, reading a book, I got a text from the daughter in law… “We’re doing an impromptu bbq at my grandparents if you want to come. And of course Leo, J, and Soph if they aren’t at work tonight!” Well why not? It’s always a good day when I get to see both my kids beautiful faces in person. It’s always a good day when I get to do nothing but take a shower, get dressed and get invited to someone else’s for a home cooked meal. I’ll just clear up the house when I get home later… Let’s Go!


Stopped at Costco to pick up some flowers for the moms at the bbq since next week is Mother’s Day and they are having their CMN fundraiser… “ here Stacy, you just gotta try the flan” OMG! My trainer is going to kill me. “No but for real…. so good!” (Proceeds to hand me a plate of flan) Ok, what the heck, I mean you had buttered roti for breakfast Stacy, flan it is!” A couple of delicious bites later I snuck it in the garbage but yup… a couple of delicious bites later.

The bbq was great! Lots of healthy options, I had grilled veggies, salmon, some corn… not bad right? Driving home hubby’s taking US41 instead of the interstate. I love the scenic routes so this is good with me, vibing to my music, watching the sunset and I suddenly realize why we are on the US41 route… we are heading to Downtown Pizza (hubby and I use to have a standard Friday night date night pizza night but haven’t in a long time) So yeah pizza.

By the time we got home my stomach is miserable. After months of eating fairly clean my stomach is giving me a “hell nah chick” attitude so I made myself a cup of detox tea, washed up and went to bed (didn’t I say I was going to clear up the house when I got home? Oh well…)

So it’s like 12:30 and I’m awake with a burning desire to get up and clean. My OCD is in high gear and in my mind – even though I thoroughly clean my house religiously every Friday and sweep and dust everyday, my house is now a filthy mess and cannot wait any longer to be cleaned – I mean, what if someone stopped by? At 1am? I literally cannot sleep so I get up and yes, started scrubbing toilets and mopping floors etc.

Let me just tell you, the resistance around cleaning up this house right now is something wicked! I mean shit is falling off the wall, all the dishwashing liquid spills, Even Beares Hammond is like… WTF… leave me alone, let me sleep (let me tell you, that bear is hard to move singlehandedly but I HAD to clean behind him). I burn my fingers trying to light a candle, stumped my toe on the stairs and in the middle of it all the detox tea kicks in… oh yes, that happened.


So it’s like 3am and I’m repotting and resoiling kitchen window plants, apologizing to them for the neglect, promising to do better, wiping down baseboards, sills and blinds, dishes so soapy from all the spilled dishwashing liquid it’s slipping out my hand and crashing into the sink (and yes, hubby is upstairs snoring through all this commotion) and then… around 4am… I’m finally done with this massive massive cleaning project and realized… there wasn’t even enough garbage to fill a small plastic grocery bag!

midnight repotting

So let me go take a shower now and take my ass to bed… oh look! My monthly cycle started! Yeah me!

Just a regular day in the life….

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