The Universe Speaks To Me


dance on water

It’s Mother’s Day. I’m heading out of town, two hours away to have brunch with my daughter. I drove pass my mothers resting place but didn’t stop like I normally do. I’d stopped there about 2 weeks ago and put some fresh flowers and I do this almost monthly so today I decided not to, since I’m almost 100 percent certain one of my other siblings will today as it’s Mothers Day!
When I’m taking long drives by myself, music is my wingman. I plugged in my phone to the car radio, pulled up my reggae/soca playlist, turn up the volume and hit the I75, it’s a beautiful morning and I’m jamming, screeching (those of you who have heard my singing voice will understand) along to my mostly slackness dancehall playlist.
I’m thinking about mother’s Day, past, present, future. What it looks like to be a mother of adults, how things change, how it remains the same, how much I miss my mommy… Fever by Vybz Kartel finished and as with YouTube, an ad is about to start. But…. it’s not an ad… it’s a full fledge country song playing in the middle of my reggae/soca playlist. Puzzled… I look down to see if my phone disconnected from the car radio and was on a country music radio station but nope, there was an actual country song… all 5:06 of it… playing… as an ad! I listened…

“I lived my life as kind as I could
I did my best I hope I was good
I’ll always wish I’d crossed a few more lines
But I always lived like there wasn’t enough time

I’ll leave footprints for you in the sand
A couple of notes only you’ll understand
I have one wish that someday you’ll see
How much your love, your love has meant to me

So when I’m gone throw me a party
You should dance as if I was there
Don’t be sad or be broken hearted
Send your voices up in the air”

I’d forgotten I was jamming along, screeching out slackness music a few seconds ago and there is goosebumps all over my body. These would be the exact words my mom would be saying right now if she was in front of me knowing I was sad and missing her this Mother’s Day, as a matter of fact before she passed she would always say. “I don’t want a funeral with a bunch of people crying, throw me a party”

The Universe Speaks To Me! I say this jokingly often, when I get serendipity moments. This was exactly what I needed to hear at this very moment! Of course, my practical analytical business mind was saying… “Well played YouTube well played, what a great marketing strategy to have this song as an ad on Mother’s Day. I will be buying this music that I probably would have NEVER listened to in my life” but my spiritual mind was saying. “I see you mom, I got you!”
I will find you in the footprints in the sand today… .

As I’m getting ready to leave the beach… I tilted my head to the side… I could hear drums… a drum circle… on the beach… I will dance…

Its A Celebration!

The Universe Speaks To Me…

footprints in the sand

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