Lesson Learned. King Leo will take care of it.



Let me first admit here that I am definitely spoiled when it comes to things like manual labor, fixing cars etc. My motto for things like this is: King Leo will take care of it

I literally cannot even tell you how to open the hood of my car (yes that I’ve owned for almost a decade), change a tire or anything related (King Leo will take care of it) so when my coolant light came on yesterday I had two choices 1. Call AAA (another convenience the hubby makes available to me and the kids) or just wait the hour until he gets off and leave the car for you… King Leo will take care of it.

Because are scheduled to go out of town when he got off, we opted to leave the car in the parking lot where it was and just deal with it the next day. I knew that my part was done until the car was home safe, fixed and drive-able again.

Questioning him last night on the ride back from Tampa, I learned that what will happen is. When he gets off, him and someone else would ride out to the car, where he would fill it up with water in the area that says Coolant under the hood, just to get it home, where he can better determine if it has a leak or need more repair which he will take care of however he does (magic wand maybe?) and voila I’ll be back in the car driving again.

But I’m feeling brave and open to learning new things. Called my sister… “do you have an idea how to put water in the radiator of a car?” With a positive response we decided to go do this thing and save the guys the headache – Girl Power!

Disclaimer: I’m 47 years old, never changed a tire, opened the hood of a car, just recently learned how to pump my own gas and did a car wash on my own for the first time this year.

So we get to the car. I prided myself in at least knowing that i need distilled water and after having to call the hubby to figure out how to open the hood, we are doing this thing! Never mind I’m wearing a dress and her a beautiful white shirt!

Filled the car with water and then… oh shit.. the cap for the coolant area falls into the engine. Ok maybe it fell under the car but a look under there yielded nothing. Backed up the car to make sure…nope. Looked and felt all around the engine area…. no cap. Got an old towel and checked under to see if we can find it… nope… jumped on the bumper to get a better look… breaks the bumper.

breaks bumper.jpg

Close the hood. Locks the car. Drives away.

King Leo will take care of it.

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