Antigua and I – Island Adventure


Antigua boasts 365 beaches, essentially you can visit a beach every day of the year and not repeat a beach – this is awesome for someone who loves the water and sun. I’m only here for a few days but I am determined to hit as many beaches as possible.


As I do normally I fully intended to take a morning sunrise walk on the beach, however, I didn’t realize that I would actually enjoy the dawning from my bed, looking out a wooden door covered in netting, over the trees, watching the birds sing and the morning come alive better so I did not make it to the beach for any sunrises in Antigua. I did however made it at 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, sunset etc. etc. etc.


rasta pasta

waffles and ice cream

Exploring the island, nothing seemed very far away with a rental car, We were able to make pit stops to the beach almost everywhere we were. Along the roads, almost anywhere, you can find little sheds set up (either in the yards or stand alone) selling food, drinks etc. so I’m happy to say, you can taste the islands all day long at a fairly decent price. We typically look for where the crowds were gathered to eat and wasn’t disappointed.

sunset quay

On the first evening there, we visited the Redcliffe Quay and enjoyed the sunset and dinner there while checking out the shops and galleries. I enjoyed my first Wadadli (local beer) with some fish and chips (French fries) and stopped at the grocery store and picked up breakfast items (we decided that since we had kitchen facilities and a great view and birds for company in the morning – we would stay in for breakfast. There was also a great pathway of stone steps that became my gym for the days that I was here.


dockyardfish and chipsice cream shoppink churchshirley heights

As the days roll by we spent a lot of time chilling on different beaches, chilling in the Treehouse, visiting the various beaches and sites like Shirley Heights and the Dockyard, eating tropical fruits and local foods and visiting an ice cream shop owned by family of some friends.  By chance, I got the address of the house my parents lived in and drove down the street thinking happy thoughts of good wonderful times that my parents must have spent young and in love in Antigua. It brought me a since of peace and fed the soul of my inner child. The overall experience was amazing and Antigua will forever be dear to my heart.

water swimsuit

2 thoughts on “Antigua and I – Island Adventure”

  1. How lovely! We have been to Antigua twice. Once on a cruise, and once to a resort. We had such a great visit on the cruise we wanted to return. Your post brought back nice memories. It looks like you had a wonderful time!


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