Chapter 47 – 0 MILES TO EMPTY

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September has been a whirlwind. Chapter 47 of this beautiful Joy Journey has begun but it ended with 0 MILES TO EMPTY!

0 MILES TO EMPTY!!! 100 MILES COMPLETED IM SEPTEMBER! In September, I made a deliberate effort to complete 100 miles of walking/running (outside of my normal training/workout).   Most of you know my goal was to complete a 5k a month (12 for the year) and in August I missed doing one because I was out of town 3 weekends and lost a love one the other weekend. (It still feels surreal that Gail is gone. I drive through Naples and my instinct is to stop by her office or call her to meet for lunch or dinner or an event).


But because I missed my August 5K, What did my crazy ass decided to do to make up for it? A self imposed challenge of walking/running 100 miles in September!  Let me tell you… this was by far one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! Having to get up every single day and make sure (Be Intentional) to add miles every single day (3.33 had to be completed each day to ensure success) so I’m not behind was brutal, some days was so hottttt… I just plain cried.

September, also being a month of several out of town trips, I’ve literally had to put these miles in wherever I could. The streets of New York, walking around airport terminals, and even across the street from my house, All this while maintaining my workout schedule. I’m grateful for all the times I was joined by family members especially my sister Sharmilita to push me.

My September 5K was special! I looked for one I could do on the actual day of my birthday and was happy to see that there was a Color Run in Orlando.  I’ve always wanted to do a Color Run. It reminds me of the Hindu holiday Holi. As a matter of fact, its kindof a bite off the  festivities, utilizing the same colored powers that is used for those events.


I completed my September 5k on my birthday at The Color Run Orlando came home and went right back at it, working to complete my 100 miles that I set for myself. Somehow though I still felt a way about missing one of the 5Ks I intended to complete in 2019 so when I realized there was a 5k for MADD not every far from my home at the JetBlue Stadium on Saturday September 28th (end of the month)  I decided… what better way to complete the 100 miles and get 12 5ks completed this year as intended, than to do another one in September! Busted my ass to make sure this week that I was at 97 miles before this morning

And there you have it folks. 2 5ks in September and 100 miles!!!!! Chapter 47 about to be a whole book by itself.

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