I Will Leave The Light On

light on


I woke up thirsty the other night… came downstairs in the middle of the night for a drink of water. The kitchen light was on. I got some water and reached to turn off the light and couldn’t. My heart won’t let me. I always leave the light on… for my children.

My children are adults now. They live their own lives and do as they please. One even live in a totally different state.  Neither of them really live at home anymore even though they both still have bedrooms here (and would probably be highly offended if I convert them to something else). Somehow though… our kitchen light stays on all night every night – Just in case…

While they were growing up, as they got older and stayed out later, we got into the practice of leaving a light on for them when they came home, I can’t really remember but I’m guessing they would turn it off when they get in. I, though, have no recollection of turning it off at nights… only in the mornings.

I’d never thought about this kitchen light before my trip downstairs recently for a drink of water. It dawned on me that my daughter lives thousands of miles away and my son has not slept in The Sunshine House in almost 6 months and neither probably won’t be coming back except to visit and I should probably turn the light off? I wondered how much of a difference it would make it my electricity bill if my lights didn’t stay on all night. I wondered why I left it on in the first place as they both know where switches are in our home.  Still somehow… I could not flip the switch and I suspect… like a lighthouse… I Will Leave The Light On.




2 thoughts on “I Will Leave The Light On”

  1. This is beautiful- I feel I will possibly have things I will still do when that phase of life begins for me. This is poetic.


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