OutGrown the Grown Ups

In a conversation with my daughter last week, she asked (I’m paraphrasing)… “is there anything you learned as a child that you had to unlearn or do differently as an adult? She gave me her example. As a child she hated to show emotions, viewed it as a weakness but as an adult she is learning to express her emotions better. I agreed and thought about it.

My answer to her question was “I’ve learned that we can outgrow the grownups” explained that I sometimes look at the behavior or people older than myself that I’ve looked up to all my life as childish and sometimes see that they have not grown and I have surpassed them in understanding, accepting, changing, growing…

Life has a way of teaching you a lesson. Over some back and forth conversation about the week of thanksgiving, when my daughter will be in FL, I assumed I knew why she was making the decisions she was and acted out my emotions. Petty (as she calls it). My daughter, to my frustration is much more level headed than I.

On the drive to work this morning as we had to conversation of how she truly came to make her thanksgiving plans, I realized…. she was definitely acting more grown up that me in the moment. Outgrown the Grown Ups. Hmmmmm. At least I can admit and correct. Unlike my elders who seem still stuck in their box


2 thoughts on “OutGrown the Grown Ups”

  1. Lessons well learn. It is so true that we do out grow some adults. I love the honesty and openness you have with my god daughter and I learn from your relationship with her how to communicate better with me daughter. Thanks for everything you do in sharing and teaching when you are not even aware that you are. Blessings


  2. The Elder is always those whom has wisdom from life experiences, However this generation are indeed on a Higher Intellectual Frequency than we were on, at there age. The bible has a verse in which I’m paraphrasing which says; “Wisdom will come out of the mouth of babes”


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