Dream Realized


These days… the things I wish for is less material and more experiences. I dream about traveling to places I’ve never seen before, seeing sunrises and sunsets in distance lands, meeting people I admire and love face to face, learning not to be afraid of dogs.

The past few years have afforded me many opportunities to be in the same room and even meet and touch some of the people (mostly authors, artists and spiritual teachers) I greatly admire. Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Lisa Nichols, Glennon Doyle, Panache Dasai… etc. so when I heard that Deepak Chopra was coming to Southwest Florida I was excited.

I’d first learn about Deepak Chopra when I saw him on an Oprah Winfrey show. Intrigued to see a brown person on national television I was enthralled as he spoke to Oprah of the power of the mind. Over the years I’ve read many of his books, read articles he wrote, listened to him on youtube and done several of his 21 day meditation courses – even buying a few. He was definitely on my list of people I would like to be in the same room with. Imagine being able to meditate with Deepak LIVE??? A girl can dream.

When my daughters texted me that my birthday present was tickets to see Deepak Chopra that dream was realized.  Words cannot describe the energy in the room when Deepak showed up on stage. For about 90 minutes he spoke. His voice is soothing and calm and as he walk the stage from side to side (never utilizing the stool provided)

He’d tell an occasional joke mixed it with very profound messages. He told of his new book MetaHuman, the research, the details etc. One profound explanation that stayed with me was that the body completely changes in a year. Skin, cells etc. and he said… “so last year when I visited Florida, I came with the same suitcase but a different body” WOW. He talked about how the temporariness of the body we are presently in. How it changed from birth, to infant, toddler, child, teenager, adult etc… what perspective to leave your ego in check and know that it is all temporary physically.

Getting him to sign my copy of his book…


A Dream Realized. deepak1

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