This is MAJOR!

major.jpgI got MAJOR news! Yes for real.. This is MAJOR! I actually like a dog. Yeah I know I got Major Issues. Now I know you think that there’s nothing to do it but bear in mind a year ago I couldn’t even see a dog without going cold. Being in the same room with one would have my anxiety on 10 and if it touched me… I swear I would probably pass out.

Major showed up in my yard at The Sunshine House in September. The Sunshine House seems to be a haven for strays as dogs and cats always seem to pop up from time to time. Because I’m deathly scared of dogs I would always call the kids to handle it. JD, if not home, would take the time to leave work, get the animal, take it to animal control and hope they can locate chip and find owners. But Major had major issues, he was tiny (for a pitbull) and cried the whole time I had him on the lanai, wanting to come in the house. Thankfully, my niece Ayri was with me that day and sat patiently with him until JD came to get him. As soon as he saw the dog, JD fell in love with him and vowed to keep him if he did not belong to anyone.

Animal services confirmed he was not chipped and after 3 days, JD was allowed to go get him. Maybe it’s because I was part of his rescue, maybe its because I met him so tiny, maybe its because he now belongs to JD but I can actually stand to play with and be near this dog. I wanted his name to be Boots (because of his 4 white paws) but JD refused to give his dog a “cat name”. His name is MAJOR. I kinda love him.


2 thoughts on “This is MAJOR!”

  1. Rotfl🤣
    I love your post!
    But how can you not love such a sweetie pie 🥧;
    those eyes are adorable…
    Shoooot, in in love with Major too.


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