I’ts January 2022!


I turn 50 this year!


A whole half of a century!

Definitely the second half of my life.

Looking back, my last post was Valentines 2020 from our trip to D.R.! It was the last of our monthly getaways pre-pandemic! Hard to believe it’s been 2 whole years already! Coming back that weekend from the DR was the first time I saw someone in a mask. I remember thinking… how weird… must be a real germaphobe! A few days later I started hearing things and then it was like a bomb dropped.

Anxiety, Fear, Panic… I can’t even describe it, the entire year seemed to be a really bad dream and then 2021 came and it seemed like the year of picking up pieces, saying goodbyes, mourning and grief, changes in ways we navigate and it all got exhausting.

I can’t remember my WOTY for 2021, not sure I even solidified one in my head and it seemed like the year of “we will see how it goes” and “WTF now?”

And here we are and it’s 2022! I’ve chosen a word. It’s a good word. In fact, I really like this word. It’s ME! Yes ME! M.E. and in true form my mind started searching for acronyms. Mindset Elevation! (I am on a quest to level up my thinking, my way of being and how I navigate this next season of my life). Manifest Everything! (I am on a quest to obtain and experience everything I want). Movement Everyday (I also want to make sure I am staying physically fit and taking care of my body) Yes, it’s definitely a good word.

I’m even giving it a hashtag: #YearofME. Follow me if you want to go on this 12 month journey with ME!

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